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About Us

photo by Anders Wotzke
Italian for "little sister", Sorellina is a female owned and operated roaster dedicated to celebrating the colossal cheer that is the coffee experience.  We roast in Edmonton, Alberta where we strive to create coffees that are fun, complex, and approachable from the first sip to the last. 

Our goal with sourcing coffee for Sorellina is to procure coffees that fall into three categories.

Classic, Wild, and Curious.



Our Classic coffee's will always have characteristics that we feel are an honest and traditional expression of the terroir of their origin.  Aroma's and flavours that can be attributed to the climate, soil, topography, and native flora of the land on which the coffee was grown.  Expect Classic coffee's to have chocolate, nutty, sweet, citrus, red fruit, or warming spice flavours and aromas.


Our Wild coffee's are sourced to highlight expressions of post-harvest processing.  These coffee's often undergo extended fermentations, carbonic maceration, yeast innoculations, co-fermentations, or hybrid processing methods.  These coffees are often winey, funky, tropical, and fruity.


Curious coffees will be a bit of both classic and wild with an emphasis on lesser known and hybrid varietals as well as emerging growing regions.


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