By Lynsey Hayes

Origami Recipe for Golden Bikini Java

Heck yea, let's brew some coffee!

-20g Coffee, ground medium fine

-300g Water @ 92°C

-digital scale 

-origami or other conical dripper

-conical filter (we like V60-02)

-total brew time of 3 minutes


1) Rinse your filter and discard that nasty papery water. Add your coffee and tare your scale.
2) Pour 50g of water to bloom for 45 seconds.
3) Pour to 175g in small circular motions approx 3 inches above the bed.
4) When the bed is almost visible(about 1:30-1:45), begin your final pour to 300g.  Brew should finish between 3:00-3:10.
5) Enjoy